Partnerships Make This Possible


Jud Wickwire, Vice President of Operations for Adventist World Aviation, and Hannah Akre, Director of Gloves Go Global, meet in person to solidify partnership.


We are extremely grateful to be partnering with Adventist World Aviation (AWA) to bring the MSR technology to communities in Nicaragua and Guyana. Jud and the AWA team have established connections in Nicaragua and Guyana. Working with them will ensure sustainable and responsible implementation of the devices. One might not at first think of the many components associated with ensuring these devices are implemented sustainably. For example, villagers could run out of salt or battery power – unable to buy more – they would cease to produce clean water. We are incredibly fortunate to have AWA staff on the ground with the ability to replenish these resources and continually dole out safe water to community members. Working with AWA will also allow us to communicate about the efficacy of the devices and troubleshoot any unforeseen problems. 

Our brainstorming conversation also brought up the potential for these devices to be used for disaster scenarios during drought, when people source their water from the river, rather than rain catchment. The clean water produced on the AWA bases will also ensure that the folks headed out on medical missions will have access to safe drinking water.


We are excited about the potentially profound impact this partnership can have on increasing the quality of life for those in La Tronquera, Nicaragua and Mabaruma, Guyana and reducing the use of medical resources by preventing illnesses associated with drinking unsafe water.